Feather & Noise in our Melbourne Showroom

Feather & Noise in our Melbourne Showroom

Mixing interiors and fashion is always a good idea, and we can't get over how amazing our Life pieces look when paired with Feather & Noise's latest collection, Winter II, in our Melbourne showroom.

Showcased by Creative Director, Alison, and the stunning faces of their collection, Molly Smyth, Sarita Holland, and Raffaela Jenkins, this collection is something special. Along with our amazing Melbourne showroom manager Craig (featured with the girls below!), we all loved having the Feather & Noise team in our showroom for their photoshoot!

We chat to Alison about the inspiration behind the latest collection, her personal interior style, and how she's bringing some of our Life pieces into her home!


We loved hosting Feather & Noise in our Melbourne showroom for their Winter II photoshoot! They showcased their collection among our staple furniture and homewares pieces.


How would you describe your personal interior style?

Since renovating our current and (really old!!) double fronted Edwardian 1920s home in the Inner West of Melbourne (our second big reno in the space of ten years since moving to Melbourne’s beautiful old inner west) I’ve really had to create a blend of ‘old meets new’ - our large polished concrete floors in the back half of our renovation has meant that my interior style is modern meets comfort.

Plush soft finishes of navy & blush suede furniture complement the beautiful blonde timber pieces I saved up hard for by the beautiful brands, Ethnicraft and Barnaby Lane. Both stunning labels are stocked at my favourite naturally: Life Interiors. It’s my one stop interiors shop of course! My Barnaby Lane chairs, available in ALL the amazing colours at Life Interiors, are the heart of our home! Of course I went ‘rose blush’ – that was the colour scheme I wore at the shoot! It's where all of the good conversations & creativity sparks over a bottle of red…just don’t dare spill any on my dining table!

If you could choose any piece from our entire collection, what would you pick and why?

THIS.IS.TOUGH! – and believe it or not, I actually needed some styling support from the wonderful Craig who manages the Melbourne showroom to style my hallway which I had been neglecting ever finishing.

With Craig’s help, I have gone with the beautiful Ipanema Sideboard in black! The panelling detail, along with the curved edges has stolen my heart! The black is quite a unique choice over my love of oak usually. However, I am trying to keep my large wide hallway entrance looking super sleek and sophisticated. Now to just add in a large Kimmy Hogan piece above this sideboard and my entrance will be looking grand in no time! #ThanksCraig


We loved hosting Feather & Noise in our Melbourne showroom for their Winter II photoshoot! They showcased their collection among our staple furniture and homewares pieces.


We love Feather and Noise’s new Winter II collection! As Creative Director, where do you find most of your inspiration for new pieces?

Winter II was made extra special this season because of where we could shoot the campaign and most of all the intimate event in store to launch it! I still pinch myself thinking about how it rolled out and how the amazing Life Interiors team said YES to having us!

Prior to the launch there are months & months of planning for a collection of this size. This seasons inspiration came from a desire to finally have a Winter exploring outside of our homes where style meets comfort (because let’s all agree this pandemic has made our desire for being comfortable with how we dress a top priority for many!).

Post these challenging few years, many of us are still looking for ‘comfort’ but it needs to be stepped up a notch or two! Hence the hero trench coats in camel and strong checks which can still be layered over your favourite joggers and trainers for an effortless street vibe or can be swapped out for heels and a knit skirt for a night out with friends! Inspiration is often about versatility first! Then the inspiration comes flowing… Can I wear it multiply ways? Can I wear it multiply times? Can I wear it multiply places? It needs to be a big YES from me for it to make the cut!

Stretch comfort denim, in this seasons trending khaki and beige, actually came from my love of bed linen from some brands that were trending in those shades, and the black and white geo design cardigan came from some classic wall art I’ve seen. Basically when you compare interiors to fashion this collection from Feather & Noise is almost like taking your love of being at home on your comfortable couch in a cosy knit to match! Then when it’s time to pull up a sleek bar chair to pour a wine you’ve got a great redwood coloured knitted button down dress to slip on and sip a vino with a friend by the fire! It’s fashion meets interiors, what a love story I like to think!


We loved hosting Feather & Noise in our Melbourne showroom for their Winter II photoshoot! They showcased their collection among our staple furniture and homewares pieces.


The shoot images in our showroom look amazing, what image would you pick as your favourite interior and fashion pairing and why?

Oh gosh, this is tough! Did you see the 356 images we shot! HA. I’m going to say it was the shots of Melbourne’s beloved Sarita Holland, a digital creator and all round stunning woman with a true heart of gold, that were shot at the front of the Melbourne store in a sleek moody modern black theme.

Sarita’s all black look layered up, standing in front of the amazing Ipanema Sideboard, with the sexy Artemis curve floor mirror, double feature lamp, and a touch of boucle with the Blake Armchair has us all in awe! Her look paired beautifully together with the interiors and really elevated a classic button down black dress, boots and knit combination!


Visit our Melbourne showroom to see these stunning Life pieces in person and shop the Winter II collection now at Feather & Noise

Love, Life x