Ethnicraft creates beautiful furniture and decorative objects that are the foundation for people’s homes, to inspire the stories of their lives. 'For twenty-five years, we have been creating timeless furniture from solid wood. We love that it evolves with the years as it carries the marks of the life that happens to it. As it is incredibly strong and ages well with time, we believe wood is what makes our furniture the solid and dependable foundation of a home. We create collections for every room of the house: from the furniture that defines the purpose of a space, to the objects and accessories that layer it with meaning. All of our designs are intentionally timeless. They withstand trends and associate well with different styles, so they can be passed on from one home to the next, carrying over the stories of one lifetime into another.' 

Browse the Ethnicraft range of living room, dining room, and bedroom furniture online and in our Sydney & Melbourne showrooms. With samples and examples on display, chat to our team for free expert advice, we ship Australia wide! This international design brand has sustainability and style at its core.


'In a world where trends change from one year to the next, we want to create design that will last for generations. Our timeless designs associate well with different styles, while our solid wood is strong and ages incredibly well with time. The ultimate noble and renewable material, all of our wood is sourced from responsibly and carefully managed forests. Our Teak collection also includes products certified as FSC® 100% which are clearly labelled in the catalogue. Finally, we carry the FSC® COC certificate that verifies the path of products through the whole supply chain.

Production waste such as leftover logs, wood and sawdust are re-used for other purposes. The sawdust from logs is either used as fuel for the drying ovens or compressed as a base for pellets. All the leftovers from cutting planks to size are recycled and used as base material or as box joints for panels. Producing furniture and accessories at the highest quality, strength, and safety is extremely important to us. To ensure this, we test all our products throughout the entire development process. We test on factors such as stability, durability, and safety for domestic use, to a level that meets or exceeds the highest furniture standards within the industry.'


'Our cushion covers, throws and rugs are crafted from the best weaving yarns which are primarily produced in Belgium, France, Italy, and Peru and Pakistan. By consciously choosing natural fibres – such as cotton, wool, and Belgian linen – we stay true to our values: design pieces full of character, made from quality materials that age beautifully. Cushion inners are made in The Netherlands and are Oeko-Tex 100 certified. The Oeko-Tex label is an international standard that guarantees no harmful substances are contained within the final product. It certifies both natural and synthetic fibres. For the filling of our cushions, we have consciously opted for duck feather. As a natural product, duck feather far surpasses synthetic alternatives in terms of durability and sustainability. All cushion fillers carry the Downpass certification to guarantee high quality, ethical sourcing, and traceable supply chains.'